What is Waxed Canvas? Waxed Canvas is a textile made from either cotton, linen, or hemp.  Unlike a denim twill, it is made using a tight, plain weave and then well saturated with a parrafin based wax. It’s rugged and tear-resistant. If properly maintained, your waxed canvas products can last a lifetime.

How do you care for and clean Waxed Canvas? Waxed canvas is naturally water and dirt repellent. Dust and mud will not penetrate it and can easily be removed with a DAMP CLOTH. An oil stain must be treated with corn starch or something similar like baking soda. Simply apply generously to the affected area and leave for at least 48 hours, then remove with a stiff brush (and repeat if necessary).  Cold water and a gentle soap may also be used. DO NOT put waxed canvas in the washing machine or dryer.

What does Waxed Canvas feel like? Drier than waxed cotton and a pleasantly textured, supple surface - not at all sticky or damp to the touch. It will not leave a residue when it comes in contact with other surfaces.

Flammable? Unlike the original product of years ago, modern-made waxed canvas is difficult to ignite and is far less flammable than most synthetic materials. It will burn only if sufficient heat is applied, but it is not a dangerously combustible material.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable? YES - and much more environmentally friendly than most vegan leather substitutes which use products derived from the petro-chemical industry. The production of paraffin wax generates very low level chemical toxins.

Waterproof? Waxed canvas is a waterproof material which will repel driving rain, however, it is not impermeable and if immersed in water for long periods it will become saturated.

Stain-Resistant? Because it is water repellant, it will not stain easily. However, with everyday use it does get marks and scuffs but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Over time and use it develops a rich, weathered patina that simply adds to the overall charm and beauty of it and gives it that ‘been on some adventures’ kinda look. Ultimately, the more you use it, the better.

Stretch-Resistant? Over time this natural, organic material will mould to usage but it will not stretch out of shape.

Washable? A waxed canvas item would never need to be washed in its entirety. In extreme cases, it can be washed using cold water and soft soap and the item should be completely re-waxed afterwards.

Can you iron it? NO! This would burn off the wax from the fibres and necessitate a complete re-waxing. A light hair dryer over the surface can be used to soften the overall look.

Why so expensive? Simply put, it comes down to the time-consuming process of saturating the canvas with wax as well as the cost and quantity of the paraffin-based wax needed to make it as durable as possible.



Full grain leather is very resilient, but it does appear weathered over time. Proper care can keep your leather looking its best for longer. The best way to slow down surface wear is to use a gentle leather moisturizer or conditioner. Keep in mind though, LESS is MORE. Be careful not to overdo it. Leather is naturally tough and resilient. Most stains can be removed with a damp soft cloth, like microfibre. Scrub gently, careful not to apply too much pressure.

100% genuine leather is more susceptible to stains than plastic coated or PU leather. For stubborn stains, try a shampoo or commercial product. Before using any commercial products ,apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area and observe the result. Some products can darken the leather. If this happens, either choose a different product or apply evenly over the entire leather product so that it looks uniform.