Hi there! We’re the Crawfords, the pulse behind PEG Studio. 

With everyone working and learning from home, all our activities are intertwined.  That blur between work, creating, and playing can be seen in the products we develop and curate.  Our vision is to create quality, long-lasting products for generational adventures while being thoughtful of our resources.  

It’s a dream to call the Pacific Northwest our home, as it feels more like a giant natural playground just waiting for us to explore.  Many of our designs are born from a need for functional and fun-to-use products.

While this brand has changed dramatically since its start (in 2009), we are so excited about this new direction we are taking things in this family run business.  We are forever grateful for the loyal support over the years and can’t wait to show you what’s next for this little PNW lifestyle brand with big heart.  

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Much love,

Peggy Crawford,
Founder of PEG Studio


PHOTO CREDIT: @nyahcphotography

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