There's no excuse for single-use. These organic bamboo cups are reusable, sustainable, dishwasher safe and BPA free.They come with a spill-proof silicone lid and sleeve and if cared for properly can last indefinitely. Help us reduce the impact on the environment and preserve our beautiful forests.  Add a reusable cup to your PEG order today!


What's it made from? Organic bamboo, cornstarch and food safe resin binder
Lids and sleeves Pure, food grade silicone which makes them suitable for temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius. Silicone is a combination of silica and oxygen, no plastic or latex
What's so great about bamboo? Bamboo is a naturally organic, fast-growing grass that's rapidly renewable and sustainable. It requires no fertilizer, chemicals or irrigation in its propagation. It is naturally sterile which means it won't flavour taint your hot drink.
Dishwasher Safe? YES! Both cup and silicone components are top shelf dishwasher safe. 
Microwavable? NO! NOT suitable for microwave. This can warp it's shape.
How long does it last and is it breakable? Indefinitely - if you look after it.  It's not bulletproof. It should be okay if knocked on a table or dropped with lid and silicone components on, but if it falls from height, is sat on or squashed, it can split.  Treat it like you would ceramic.
Is it suitable for Vegans? YES! This product does not contain tallow or other materials derived from animals. 
Will it stain? This is a natural product. Clean it regularly and promptly after each use.  
If left-overs happen to remain in it for an extended period of time, a ring can appear.  
Simply use a baking soda paste to remove any stains.
Will it keep my drink warm?
This cup is designed more as a replacement for drinks on-the-go.  
With the stopper on and the lid closed, it should retain heat for about 45 minutes, long enough for most daily commutes.
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