HAVER-WHAAA?! If this word isn't a familiar one, here's a little background for you: 

ORIGIN: Dutch. haverzak meaning "oat sack" (small single shoulder strap cloth bag originally used to carry horse fodder). The word haver likewise means "oats" in Northern England and Scotland. When used in the military, haversacks were generally square and about 12 inches (30 cm) per side. 

After months of R&D and testing out several sizes, styles and shapes, we came up with our own elevated minimalist version. 
front view     back view

It’s sturdy, light-weight, spacious, functional and very simple in design. We paid particular attention to adding features like discreet hardware and only the most essential compartments.

Do not submerge in water, do not machine wash or tumble dry.
To clean, wipe solid areas lightly with a damp cloth and air dry.  
Each bag is finished with a waxed treatment, which will soften and fade slightly over time.
To stiffen the bag again, and to remove the appearance of fine lines,
simply warm the bag with a hairdryer and allow to cool.
Do not store bags near heat sources or in direct sunlight.
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